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    On Dec 11, 2012 Rekha wrote:

    Mythology is powerful literature, and sometimes seems to provide very contradictory messages and difficult to understand and appreciate by using just the intellect. I feel the power of these stories have to be learnt from at an inner level, level of the pure heart from a Guru - a God realized soul, who can help us navigate the path of these stories and provide their relevance to our current lives. Once understood to a certain extent, they can provide a solid anchor for our lives and help us figure out the meaningfulness of any actions and effects of previous actions, taking place now. For example, the concept of Karma, originating from Hindu mythology, gives me a perspective about loosening my control  over effects of my efforts in my day to day life. Things don't always turn out in direct proportion to my effort. But I have to consciously keep moving in a positive direction in order to create new Karma and also to mitigate any effects of past Karma. At the same time understanding, that positive effects were not all my current effort as well  as the negative effects we also not all my lack of attention.

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