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    On Dec 11, 2012 Narendra wrote:

     What do you understand by the literature of the spirit? Spiritual literature is about our multidimensional consciousness and Universe. The physical dimension or conscious mind, is only one aspect of consciousness. Rationality, emotion and intuition are the three layers that correspond to conscious, subconscious and the common conscious mind. The dominant aspects of life are emotion and intuition. Myths, poetry, music, rituals and ultimately spiritual practices, satisfy the needs of these layers of consciousness. They provide collective security and comfort to a complex multi dimensional consciousness of a life-form.….Most life forms are driven by the body genetics and the environment. As life evolves with experience, an individual consciousness develops as a separate primary consciousness, with unique emotions, thoughts and reason. As dullness reduces and sensitivity is increases, life becomes complex and unstable. For a complex life-form to be happy, all layers of consciousness need to be in harmony. If emotions are suppresses through rationality or ego, they arise as senility when the rational conscious mind fails with old age. Collective rituals, music/myths/poetry and spiritual practices help us stabilize emotions as we evolve from tamas to rajas to satva. How does mythology help you deepen your inner journey? Mythology induces hope and stability in my subconscious through make-believe stories that seem to vicariously satisfy the needs of my deeper layer of emotional and irrational consciousness.  Can you share a story that reveals the Power of Myth in your life? After an extensive rational analysis of my own consciousness, I find it necessary to believe in the effectiveness of myths and rituals, in managing my semi-independent human brain-mind, as it struggles to find equilibrium in an unknown multidimensional consciousness.  I pray selectively, to multiple Hindu goddesses and gods who symbolically represent the unknown universe/consciousness/nature, through myths and rituals.

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