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    On Dec 10, 2012 Pancho wrote:

    My family calls me Pancho and I'd like you to know that I love you all. 

    Such a beautiful thread of the visible and invisible ripples of Wednesdays! :-)

    Thank you all, beloved family, for sharing your heartfelt experiences. They fill my heart with joy to see how we are responding to this critical time in the history of the Earth.
    Last Wednesday, I don't think I was able to completely articulate what I wanted to share during the closing gratitude at the Kindness Temple in Santa Clara. So Today, during silent Monday, I'm going to give it another try:
    As many of you know, love for Astrobiology --the understanding of the origin and evolution of life in the Universe as we know it and as we don't know it-- has been the seed of my wish for truth and the sense of awe and wonder in front of the vastness of this multiverse and the wholeness and the livingness of reality. Every time I look at the Milky Way it evokes a profound sense of the sacred. Our home in the Universe.
    Now think/feel about all the electromagnetic radiation the Earth is receiving constantly. We are showered by this multicolored light, this infinite number of wavelengths that all of a sudden, in a singularity, kisses us in spacetime. And our closest reminder of this all encompassing light is the Sun. Life in the living being of the Earth is a response to the Sun's unconditional love.
    Life on Earth could be seen as a response from the Earth to her star-centered universal world. Life on Earth is an expression of love. Millions and millions of species have been created out of this colossal celestial encounter.
    In turn, we human beings, are an effect of this astronomical love. As such, we pay forward in any way we can. Wednesdays is one of such expressions. The unconditional love poured from Santa Clara to all beings, could be seen as a mirror of our star. The Mehtas in their star-like home, radiate with lovingkindness our beings in all senses. The questions are:
    What is our response? What is our expression of love? What is our "Life on Earth" equivalent? How do we honor what was more profoundly meant by the Sun? 
    Are gratitude, stillness, generosity, courage, beauty, wisdom seeds planted at "Love on Wednesdays"?
    Who recognizes we are the living Earth, the Earth herself expressing through us her gratitude to the whole Universe? Who can feel Mother Nature is on "our side", in everyone's side?
    What is the meaning of the Earth? What is the meaning of life on Earth? What is the meaning of our existence? 
    How is it that our hearts and minds can be filled with love and wonder so easily? What if every home turns into a "Kindness Temple"? Would this be our expression of a self-fulfilling utopia?
    Life needs very little and will always serve to balance out what is separate from reality. Ego, for me is always kept in check, always balanced by life.  Life does not support ego, because ego is a separation from the deep reality of life. That's why I come to Wednesdays. To still my mind and serve life with a broken open heart.
    Smile and be Moved By Love on Wednesdays and every day... :-)

    May all become compassionate, courageous and wise.

    In radical love,

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