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    On Dec 6, 2012 Conrad P. Pritscher wrote:

     literature of the spirit is what catches me for longer than a brief period. Nothing is permanent.  In that sense, everything is myth.  When one presently notices what they are noticing while they are noticing, that noticing can continue for a long time and help one be caught up.  One can be caught up for nearly all of one's life even though it is quite rare.  People like Gandhi, the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, some Rabbis, and Albert Einstein were frequently caught up.  When caught up, one may notice more connections than divisions between everyone and everything.
      Schools and often universities could capitalize on what students are caught up about.  Frequently they don't because they are often bow to the 1% to promote jobs and the economy rather than powerful learning to help one be caught up.  As a result, we have a need for radical school transformation which can help people get caught up about their daily living.  Being caught up can help one be compassionate and wise which may help them  be more "caught up" when one  consoles rather than seeks to be consoled. Being caught up with peace can be very fulfilling.  As Gandhi said: "There is no way to peace.  Peace is the way."   To paraphrase Gandhi: There is no way to being caught up. Being caught up is the way.

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