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    On Dec 4, 2012 Ricky wrote:

    For my whole life my mom has been the driving force behind how I have viewed creativity.  She on many occasions uses what I do on a regular basis as an opportunity to praise my efforts, yet at the same time minimize her own.  This has always left me feeling uncomfortable, and frustrated, because I have seen her efforts toward living a tough life with brilliant creativity.  It has been a struggle for the past few years to remain upbeat at each encounter with her while she consistently denegrates herself in an effort to build me up.  And, this toxic interchange has helped me be focused and think outside the box she has placed the definition of creativity in with my own children, who live with incredible creativity.  Recently I have helped her redefine her personal definition of creativity to drop the implied societal focus on 'artsiness' to how eloquently she writes down her passionate pleas when advocating for community matters, how wonderful her traditional meals taste, and how wholeheartedly she lives when she opens her home to stray and abused dogs.
    This is how I have changed my definition of creativity in recent years.  In fact, I can't imagine not approaching each moment any other way now.  Creativity is the pinnacle of the art of letting ego 'prakriti' go, and connecting deeply to the most inner divine 'purusha'.  It is applied in every breath we witness, and can be found in every present moment we share.  It celebrates free will.  It reflects deep love.  It is a beacon of pure clear light inspiring more acts of creativity.  It is witness to the manifestation of why we are here.  It becomes a glimmer of hope during desperate times.  It affords healing within crisis.  It resists the anticipation of duplication.  It is singular in the materialization of optimistic desire.  Creativity is not only how life has evolved, it is how we have returned to the most simplified core of enlightenment-recognizing we have been here before-‘seeing’ the extraordinary in the ordinary as Derek Ludwig put it so eloquently, until we no longer see a difference.  It is the confidence with which we move about facing the ‘mundane’ tasks of the day inspired to make a difference and being open to uncommon possibilities.  It is encouraging the baby steps taken and slowing down enough to smell the roses.  It is self-expression, but not the little s self, the divine big S self!  It is ‘knowing’ why we are here and revealing purpose and passion.

    Albert Einstein:  There are two ways to look at the world.  One as if nothing is a miracle, and the other as if everything is a miracle.  Creativity is the expression of the most miraculous in every moment, the focus in every step, the awareness in every breath, the love in every encounter with every thing and every one.  Creativity is life processes of various inputs and outputs, and the way we can affect change our whole lives.  Creativity is the expression of our uniqueness, coupled with responsibility.  It is a reflection of our understanding we are all in this together!  

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