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    On Nov 30, 2012 .Conrad P Pritscher wrote:

     Midwiving and witnessing my own creative experience is what I would like to do all the time.  It is paying attention to my present experience.  It is noticing what I notice..  This is facilitated by Sharon Begley and a psychiatrist named Schwartz when they stated: "Through mindfulness you can stand outside your own mind as if you are watching what is happening to another person rather than experiencing it yourself… Mindfulness requires direct willful effort, and the ability to forge those practicing it to observe their sensations and thoughts with the calm clarity of an external witness… One views his thoughts, feelings, and expectations much as a scientist views experimental data – – that is, as a natural phenomena to be noted, investigated, reflected on, and learn from.  Viewing one's own inner experience as data allows one to become, in essence, his own experimental subject." When we are open, we can call that experience creativity and/or spirituality.. Openness appears to be a key.  my dictionary defines "open" with 93 lines.  Even a definition of open is almost open

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