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    On Nov 20, 2012 d wrote:

    I like this piece.  It's a meditation in itself.  I found myself calming as I read it.  The first 'one word' that came to me is 'now.'  We practice opening our "fist clenched in wanting" by being now, appreciating the now, and letting go of striving for something there and then.  I still have goals, and I do best when I maintain an abiding awareness in the now while I have and am in control of my goals rather than my goals having and being in control of me.  I am more aware of my inner voice than years ago, which I also call my inner experience and truth, and consult it and make use of it more than before, and that certainly helps me in my living -- it results in me being more present, more personal, and more grounded.  I don't get the term "God-mad."  If "God-mad" means faithful to my inner voice/truth/experience, then I value and want to grow in "God-mad."  The personal experience that comes to mind is having advice to give my daughter and my inner voice told me to keep it to myself, it was criticism and would result in defensiveness and distancing, and this time I listened to my inner voice, kept my opinion/advice to myself and I'm glad I did.  I hope to do that more often. 

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