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    On Nov 19, 2012 Tamilyn wrote:

    <3 PEACE <3  i am thankful for being aware that i am in the right place at the right time fear of saying or doing the wrong thing quelled ... i have had i one word mantra since i remember learning about the magic of wishes .peace. on a broad scale ,a small scale ,peace of mind, world peace be at peace.. healing peace ...peace to bring me calm in trying times....i wished for many kinds of peace ... i have lived loved learned lots in my relatively short span here so far and i have often wondered if my quest for knowledge ideas and the greater good was out of ego somehow and i believe yes it is on some level as it FEELS good to learn grow evolve ..and the cautious side of me wanted to akin that to feeling... "powerful".....  which is not on my agenda .

    I realize still it is this constant thirst that has opened every door and opportunity in my world to better a better me..i  believe i have finally reached a place where i am mostly at peace within myself  and have checked most fears.. not perfect by a long shot but  i am ok with that ..I believe i am ready to begin my journey of BEING peace ... experiencing peace as a creation, something i can help to fuel with my attention effort and energy ..instead of passively calling it forth to me ..Be the change ....

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