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    On Nov 19, 2012 Narendra wrote:

     What is the one word you are here to say with all your being? Love (absolute love or Being Universal consciousness). How do we practice opening our "fist clenched in wanting?" We open our clenched ego with unselfish love, by expanding our ego-centered, relative love to include all of nature. With this, we transit from ‘wanting to giving’. What do you understand by "God-mad" or "faithful only to the Beauty" or letting the "Lover pull you to your feet and hold you close”?  When we let love pull us out of ego in to Self, we enter a ‘state of trance’ or ‘God-madness’, beyond our physical-time dimension and awareness. We experience ‘intuitively’, that we are the timeless consciousness and all of its creation, and not just this physical body. We will be immersed in universal love or ‘Eternal Bliss of Consciousness’, (Sat-chit- Ananda). Can you share a personal experience that illustrates this feeling of surrender?  When we completely surrender our ego and soul (conscious and sub-conscious mind) to our own Self (Universal, unselfish Love), even for a short moment, the ‘Bliss of Love’ will replace the burden of ego and soul and we ‘see’ ‘the Light of consciousness’. This ‘light of consciousness’ can leave everlasting positive qualities in our conscious and the subconscious mind, even when it is experienced as a short transient state. To make such a state of awareness permanent (Samadhi or ‘Being God ’), we need to replace all of our subconscious emotional contradictions (vasanas) with love, through the practice of Karma-yoga and Bhakti-yoga. This is ‘Burning our Karma’ through Tapas.

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