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    On Nov 16, 2012 Narendra wrote:

     What does frying the seeds of anger mean to you? This means objectively witnessing our own emotions and ego, even before they become thought processes and actions (sakshitva). It is being sensitive to changes in our emotions and thought patterns. How can we control our passions "at their very roots?"   The root of all emotions is Love. All life forms are in search of love whether it is as sex or as relative love or as absolute love. When we get lost in this search for love in our own ego and selfishness, we develop a spectrum of positive and negative emotions.  Any one particular emotion is hard to control by itself. Therefore, we need to access love - the root of all emotions, by meditating on the experience of love in the heart (Bhaktiyoga). This expands our love to include all of creation, thereby minimizing our ego and associated adverse emotions.  Can you share a story that brings out an experience you've had with frying the seeds of anger? In my experience, there are two sources of motivation: a quick source of motivation from the ego-centered, selfish attitude (Tamas and Rajas) this includes fear, anger, greed etc, and secondly, love as the motivation for the “Self”-centered, unselfish attitude (Satva). All life forms operate from both of these sources. It is easier to generate ‘quick ego-energy’ to get things done. However, this energy is disharmonious and short lived. When the motivation is based on love, patience and unselfishness, there is continuity even when our personal effort stops, since Love becomes a harmonious motivation for collective creativity.

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