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    On Nov 15, 2012 a wrote:

     Today, I surrendered.  
    I surrendered a special friend to the exclusive care and love of God (because I could not hold him, today, the way I know he needs to held)!
     I am promised, in marriage, to my husband and need to remain pure in it. My husband and I are "bound" by God (and  in our case, God used "Heaven's Super Glue")! 
     I had to surrender my friend, today, because even though he is a man . . . even though he has needs, like every other  . . . even though,"set apart", he desires to "come near '' . . . to be coveted . . . to consumed by another's love, attention and physical closeness . . . he cannot.
    I, and he, belong to a church that asks "our shepherds" to be "Supermen".  Our leaders can't simply "be men" they are asked to live "above" men"?  I have never understood this!  Given the question:  What would Jesus do/ what does Jesus do?  He loves. He touched. He kissed.  He held.  
    He asks us to do the same.
    I surrendered my friend to God today . . .  
    I surrender my church, this evening . . .
    Without fluidity in love . . . we have nothing.

    Beautiful poem!



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