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    On Nov 10, 2012 amy wrote:

     Life gives us cause to be angry at times.  Sometimes justified and sometimes not, this anger has got to "come out".      The more we "stuff it", the more magnified it becomes.  It is especially important to have someone to "talk to" in letting it out/"deflating it".  The energy involved with this emotion (anger) wells up when not released in "healthy", more acceptable doses.    
    Everything in nature, "runs it's natural course".  If "the natural course" is interrupted, be it love or anger, it stops.  (Figuratively:  If our anger stops in our head . . . headaches result.  If our anger stops in our heart . . . heartache.  If our anger "hits us in the gut" . . . stomach upset).  We have to process anger as we do everything else, "naturally".  Feel it . . . speak it . . . acknowledge it . . . allow it to run it's course through you.  
    As with all things in life, it will pass . . .
    But not before it is broken down

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