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    On Nov 10, 2012 david doane wrote:

     Anger is not a necessary emotion.  For me, that is a truth.  I still get angry, but becoming aware that it is not necessary for me to become angry has helped me to be angry much less often.  I can not like something.  I can firmly and assertively disagree and object.  I can state my want, feeling, thought, reaction, opinion, suggestion.  I don't have to be angry.  I'm not there yet but I am that way more than I used to be.  Scripture says charity is the most important virtue.  We have many reactions and emotions, including anger -- my reaction doesn't have to be my response.  There is a difference between my reaction and my response.  We are capable of going the route of charity/compassion/love.  When I notice anger bubbling up from some root within me, I don't have to respond with it.  I can learn to use the seed and energy of anger to fuel my nonangry response of disagreement, objection, charity, compassion, etc.  Over time fewer seeds of anger sprout.  Over time there can be no anger.

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