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    On Nov 2, 2012 Narendra wrote:

     What does being a servant leader mean to you? The concept of leadership currently in use in most institutions, from armies to religion, is the top-down pyramid control structure. This limits the freedom of followers and boosts the ego and power of leaders. This is based on hierarchical system of Roman Empire. However, from the perspective of service or dharma, the pyramid is reversed. Service, consensus, Nature, humility and love are the driving force in Dharma and not ego. This dharma-karmayoga model makes service based leadership an obligation and a natural growth of unselfishness and not an option to be avoided or a leadership acquired through force and ego. That is, leadershiip in working for the community and the environment, with unselfish goals is an obligation-as mentioned by a 'Wednesdayer'. If one persists in unselfish effort, overtime he will be recognized as a model or a selfless leader. We recognize unselfish leaders since diversity in nature is unified in harmony through universal love.  How can we cultivate ourselves to be servant leaders? We need to keep our needs to a minimum and eliminate personal wants. This will simplify our life and make room for selfless service. This is ‘going beyond ego to universal self.’ Can you share a personal story that illustrates servant leadership? Leadership for unselfish material goals is important and valuable. However, in my experience, when the goal includes people, with patience, love and service attitude, we become servant leaders and impart such leadership qualities to others. ‘Wednesdays’ is a good example.

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