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    On Oct 30, 2012 Nancy a Swan wrote:

    I like, Vinoba Bhave, hold out great Hope for Humanity. It is about serving and being served.

    There is a saying,  "If the people will lead the leaders will follow."  In my view being a "servant" begins with self. Each person in their evolution must finally commit  to a high standard of responsibility to self. This is how one serves Justice for all. How else can we have this precious commodity that is TRUST? We each have to resurrect our conscience.

    Abuse on every level continues - 90% of all prison inmates report they were abused as children. People teach what they know. Science calls this Epigenetics.

    Many of our institutions are populated by varying degrees of abused inner children including the religious. They too are as "guilty" of violating Trust. What if all had been treated with respect as children??? Would crime be as  rampant? When people are disrespected repeatedly they become numb. Only someone numb can hurt others consciously.

    Lack of conscience does not just occur on Wall Street and the Financial Industry but Madison Avenue whose Guru was Edward Bernays, the nephew of Freud. He is considered the "father of public relations/propaganda". 
    Psychologists are paid to encourage our need to belong in the way ads are written. The Wonder Bra that women stood in line for in the rain overnight in So. Cal in 1991 was a twenty year old product!! It just had a new spin put on it and earned the Sara Lee Corp. many millions and marketing awards galore. 

    We buy into this spin and more. We tech this to our kids A four year old knows the branding of McDonalds. Won't eat the real Mac burger wrapped in another label....but will eat an imposter in a Mac wrapper! A six year old runs home crying from first grade as she is not wearing Osh by Gosh jeans. A fifteen year old kills for a pair of sneakers.

    We like the spin, the hype, the show. We saw this with the mortgage loan debacle. People signed documents knowing they could not afford the payments. This is equally true for credit card debt. It is estimated that most families are over $15,000 in debt.

    Governments are still needed. Why? Too many on both sides of the counter try and cut corners in every sector.

    As evolving humans it seems we must be more discerning. We do not serve ourselves or others by making it ok that Big Pharma and Big Farma continues to create untrustworthy products and produce.  How is it we also allow Chem trails and our water supplies to be polluted?

    Each of us must take back our power from people and from all the systems that do not serve us. Justice is an inside job and we serve ourselves by adhering to the way of the heart that is respect. In the so doing we serve others.

    “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”(Frederick Douglass

    Healing our own hurt inner child is the way to begin. This is the Hope I hold that will serve Justice for All.

    Nancy Di Giorgio

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