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    On Oct 27, 2012 Amy wrote:

     Enjoyed this reflection, Vinoba . . .  Thank you!  
    The greatest servant leader EVER to walk earth . . . of course, would be Jesus, Himself!  In teaching leadership, Jesus "served"!  In SERVICE, Jesus LED!  Be the "work" as basic/common as washing His brother's feet or as miraculous/Divine as raising a friend from death . . .  NOTHING was "outside the job description" of God's Son!  Again and again, God shows us, our time here on earth is SO short.  He did not intend for our earthly lives to be any "sweeter" than Jesus' was.  Jesus got tired . . . Jesus questioned His Dad . . . Jesus cried . . . Jesus got angry . . . Jesus wished for painful things "to come to pass" . . . BUT . . . Jesus, also, LED (and you/I must, too) PEOPLE TO HEAVEN . . . Jesus SERVED (you/I must, too) PEOPLE ON THIS JOURNEY to our "real home" . . . HEAVEN.  
    Love bears all things . . . Love hopes all things . . . Love believes all things . . . Love endures all things . . . Love goes on Forever.  
    Because He Did, may we, too!
    Hang on faithful servant leaders!  
    Twinkle . . . twinkle . . . you/we are STARS!  COMBINED . . . let us SHINE!  
    Thank You Jesus for giving us each other! 
    I love yu!         

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