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    On Oct 16, 2012 Noel DeYoung wrote:

     I tune out negativity by surrounding myself with good news (like this site) good people (all are good most of the time)and nature. I cling to hope (which I find there is too little) remember to see the goodness in people and I try to live doing simple ,conscious acts of kindnesses.It's a choice of opposites and our thoughts matter.I tend to forget about the bad stuff and sometimes I'm shocked into remembering by a thoughtless driver,sounds of people arguing,or the bad news of the world we can't get away from.Life is hard,sad,lonesome,these are facts of life ,It's how we choose to handle life's hardness that counts.I choose to soften with love and to have compassion for all suffering (which evil is suffering at the highest level.We all have a choice.

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