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    On Sep 30, 2012 Narendra wrote:

     The author emphasizes that maintaining our love for others does not necessarily imply condoning their behavior - how do you relate to this notion? I agree. The example of a mothers’ discipline for a child is the essence of practice of love in nature. This conditional or tough-love is designed to make children peaceful and productive citizens of community. This also applies to religions, cultures and communities, if we are to coexist peacefully on this planet. The world evolved with three layers of brain-mind, Tamas/body, Rajas/emotions and Satwa/Love. These need coordination and discipline. Unconditional love and nonviolence encourages oppression of the peaceful by the aggressive, as in colonialism, terrorism and wars. The world is in transition from ignorance/selfishness based survival and competition, to survival based on     awareness, mutual respect and cooperation. Some religions and cultures are ahead of others in this process. For some, this transition appears to be painful, as recent violence in the middle east indicate....Can you share a personal story of challenging someone without withdrawing your love for them?  As I evolve in awareness by being more heart centered, I responded more than I react. There is no need to withdraw love at anytime. Most people respond to love and reason. When this does not work, I walk away. When Tamasic/intolerant religions and organizations encourage wars, oppression and terrorism, I respond responsibly as the Gita recommends…. How can we inculcate the strength and wisdom to be able to do that? What does "Living from the Heart," mean to you? As the author points out, the heart unites and the mind divides. When we keep our attachment and needs to a minimum we can afford to be truthful and courageous. Further, if we meditate on love, develop compassion, and treat others as an extension of ourselves, we can live from the heart. We can support loving, compassionate institutions and oppose heartless, divisive and destructive religions and institutions, as responsible world citizens.

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