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    On Sep 4, 2012 Maya Vidhyadharan wrote:

    Very insightful to not get trapped into believing astrology is the final answer- that would simply wipe out the possibility of us making change every moment through the power of our contemplation and releasing of past limited patterns. I have gotten sucked into astrology and have held on to dates when my Saturn return will end, now I realize this has been very limiting. My unconscious mind has bought into the possibility of my life being the way the astrologer predicted, to some degree. What a limiting life it would be if all our lives unfolded in a cookie cutter model as predicted by our astrology, even the most skilled one.

    I have stopped viewing astrology as a means to have hope. I have started consciously visualizing and manifesting what I want daily and I am positive this works. I set the intention I no longer need to be tied into the past limited experiences in my life and and that of others. I can now let go my beliefs to create a brill
    iant reality that has not been thought of before, or said in my horoscope.


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    On Jun 23, 2013 Swamy Vigyananand wrote:

     Gr8! You have seen the light... not some faraway 'astral' light, but the light of reason & Common-sense!

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