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    On Sep 2, 2012 Narendra wrote:

      "What tools (including but certainly not limited to astrology) have particularly helped you to understand your blessings and challenges?…
    Many modern scientists believe that the world is a three dimensional, holographic projection of a two dimensional surface. In Vedic Astrology, this layer of consciousness is termed ‘Akashic records’, where ‘all’ information about past, present and future, is stored in a field of consciousness, similar to an Internet.  This information is ‘downloaded’, based on a pointer from an astrology chart and a  ‘noise free’ intuition. Even though the accuracy of prediction is sometimes ‘miraculous’ and better than a mathematical probability. Many, like me, find it inconsistent therefore unreliable.
    The Layer of ‘Akashic’ consciousness or ‘one-ness consciousness’ appears to be real, when savants and autistic persons access it to perform ‘miracles’ beyond the speed of brain-mind or when we see ‘sixth sense’ in some animals. Also, in Japanese Bushido, some samurais can achieve ‘super human’ speeds and accuracy, consistently, based on a Zen meditation to develop the sixth sense or intuition……………..
    How do you center yourself in that essential thing that lies behind your personality?….
    I believe that my personality is based on my emotions. My emotions are created when my desires and fears (ego) interact with love - the source of all life, emotions and creation. To stabilize emotions, I meditate on the feeling of love in my heart……….
    Can you share a personal story of an attitude change that shifted your consciousness to allow you to "bless that which you are fighting"? "…..
    The ‘fight’ was between the consistent sense perception (ego and rationality) and the inconsistent intuition (Self ?). When, for a short moment, I was able to surrender my ‘ego’ to my ‘Self’ (or to Love), an experience of ‘one-ness in Love’ happened, followed by a change in my attitude. 'The Self’ blessed my ego………….

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