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    On Sep 1, 2012 Ganoba wrote:

     One half of our being is inside and the other half outside. Both these are dynamic, they keep changing, evolving. We can get a picture of these two using various tools. Astrology is one of them.
    Having said this we need to see how an individual holds them and their relationship  in his mind.

    If they are seen as static then the person would be fatalistic and helpless, would be resigned to fate. Such a person is likely to fall a prey to charlatans who offer esoteric solutions. Such a person would make a horoscope at birth and live condemned by it. Such a person would also give too much importance to the situation at birth (silver spoon etc.) and would give very little importance to the process of growing up.

    If they are seen as dynamic then the person would play an active part in shaping his/her life. He would revisit his plans, goals and values and make changes in them as he went along in life.

    If one of the halves is seen as real and the other as an illusion, then the person would live a confused, fragmented life, would swing from end to end like a pendulum.

    If the two are seen as adversaries, then the person would be aggressive, would be in the fight-flight mode most of the times. He may be nice and friendly while winning. Mostly however he would be a bad wiinner and a bad loser.

    If the two halves are seen as friends or lovers at play, the person would take life as an adventure and enjoy every moment of it.

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