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    On Jun 22, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     When anything we do is done with love, it is always joyful.The action itself is the reward. Work and love are interwoven. The work could be sweeping the floor, picking up the garbage, cooking, nursing someone who is sick and invalid, teaching or gardening. When it is done with our heart, lovingly, it is joyful and beautiful. When we work for the extrinsic reward, there is dissatisfaction, disappointment and bickering.The joy of work or the beauty of work is lost.
    My mom loved to cook Her face was beeming with joy. Every action connected with cooking brought a lot of joy to her and to others surrounding her They were also affected by her joy. Her joy was contageous.The same was the case with my wife. This has been my experience with many of my friends who have been very happy for cooking for me and serving meals to me.
    I love and enjoy learning and teaching.I  am learning because I love  to learn. I am teaching because I love to teach not for recognition or gaining fame. I have nevr been disappointed following my bliss.Sadly, some of my friends working without passion and joy of working. I see them unahppy though they are making good money.
    When reward of my work is intrinsic, I do not feel attached to outcomes.Then there is no expectation of  the recognition and admiration coming from outside. Good work done joyfully with love is usually reconized and appreciated. But that won't make any difference in pursuing work done with love and joy.The joy is in cooking the cake.The admiration, reward, is like frosting on the cake!
    May we follow our bliss that brings joy to us and to others associated with us!

    Jagdish P Dave

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    On Jun 26, 2018 Anurekha Jain wrote:

     Beutifully expressed! Its true. But people always work for the byproduct and desire. Very few people understand what they love and do the work which give enjoyment. Otherwise work always connected with money, name and fame. thats whay satisfaction and peace is not in human mind now a days. Only live in competition.Current education and parents are giving only this kind of education and thats why stress in life is increasing.Because of not availability of space individula cannot find our own interest.Destiny also play role and if somebody is doing without interest then after some time come on to the path what like.

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