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    On Aug 1, 2012 Narendra wrote:

      What does "creative resolution of antagonisms" mean to you?
     It is a resolution of conflicts without antagonisms and associated violence.
    How do you relate to the author's use of the terms "peace" and "violence" and what is your definition of these two terms?
    Wisdom is peace. Wisdom has no room for violence. Violence is an expression of limited intelligence. There is violence in humans as long as they define themselves as animals.
    There is a general feeling of fullness bordering on decay that is easily associated with peace ? ? ?
    Wisdom is dynamic and creative as expansion of consciousness. It is not dullness (Tamas) that needs violence to be woken-up.
    Can you share a personal story that illustrates a creative resolution of antagonism that goes beyond peace and violence?
    When I defined myself as a ‘tough cowboy’ (ego) my horse fought me every step.
    When I defined myself as the self-nature, the horse was part of me in love and life. We danced in evolution without a fight.

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