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    On Jul 31, 2012 Edit Lak wrote:

     Well, this was truly interesting, truly truly interesting.. If I would have read this two years ago I would have gone ‘wtf’, not knowing what I was really reading, but still reacting to a thought of words: Today however I do know what this means and I do agree, selflessly, unashamedly agree, that; “The highest state of tension that the organism can bear creatively” Peace is nice in the beginning, we are all trying to get that, some places even have it, but what occurs during peace is just another form of complacency that follows man, and a sneakier form of corruption takes its place within humanity, we are blinded by stars if we think that ‘peace’ is all love..  We are human and we need to express and to create, we need to voice and to have a cause and to go to groups and to feel different at times – we are complex as much as we are simple, we are all wanting the same thing in ‘peace’ as much as wanting a smart TV- to have the quick answers.. Nothing is ever created in a state of bliss – if everything was wonderful we wouldn’t ‘think’, we wouldn’t have a need to think, we wouldn’t have the need to exist.. So our cosmology does come from the outer fear of just ‘stuff’ and that stuff creates a new dimension of the ‘new’ in the ‘now’...  Sadly or happily, depends on how one looks at it, we are just the pendulum swinging through dark to light, we are leaving dark entering light and it is scary with everything else that is going on in the world, but we evolve through its cause – cause and effect is just another day in our multifaceted lives as we have never really known peace on this earth, there has always been ‘since the know beginning’ some form of strife somewhere, and, when peace comes ‘strife’ moves onto another place...Remember this is what we have known, the big bang was the first introduction to anger and universal, planetary, variational antagonism.  But we now all do share the same ‘want’ and same ‘desire’ for peace and love and global unity by putting resentments down, and that is the greatest thing to share and have between us, because the creativity through this change has cause some amazing poetry, organics, men reclaiming global brotherhood, woman saying no to abuse, and people standing up to be counted as one..  Were living in the cosmos of change, and we are changing creatively..   Well I have to admit this was an ‘awesome’ though provoking passage Mr Berry – Thank You... Much Thanks.  Love and Light ...

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