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    On Jul 30, 2012 Chris J. wrote:

    I'm so excited this passage is up! My conception of "peace" has been fundamentally altered since I first read this: moving from a sort of 'still-waters' image to incorporating the swelling oceans and the rushing rivers, the volcanic eruptions and even the cosmic-time galaxy formations.  "The highest state of tension that the organism can bear creatively" is so evocative for me. I see it happening within our person-systems, constantly processing and integrating our ever-changing being, as well as on the "phenomenal existence" plane.  I'm reminded of Dan Siegel's essential definition of health: integration. The integrating process within me, often feels like a dynamic tension -- and it feels very alive! Even amidst it's challenges and frustrations.

    I think this can be a tricky passage too. For example, I know that violence is an extremely loaded word, and probably not even worth trying to reclaim at all, though I honor Thomas Berry's bravery in employing a value-neutral use of the word. I tend to translate violence for myself as "turbulence" these days. The inherent turbulence of living a full life, of crossing a boundary that one hadn't dared cross up til now, of systems interacting and clashing and synergizing with one another, or holding within oneself all the seemingly contradictory truths until that tension births a creativity never before imagined.

    Yep, I love this passage. :)

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