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    On Jul 28, 2012 Conrad P. Pritscher wrote:

     Thanks for the opportunity to respond. As I read, I was reminded of Gandhi's idea: There is no way to peace.  Peace is the way." One may also hold productive tension while one is being peaceful.  When one is openly inquiring, there is frequently some wonder which may produce productive tension.  This productive tension can contribute to motivation to continue wondering and/or to find out what one is wondering about.  A finding can often create new questions, and  new wonder which can continue productive tension.  This continuation may be a route to the noticing that the journey and the destination are one.  When that is noticed, one often notices they are one with everyone and everything and that only the present exists. I have not reached that stage.  My wonder and productive tension seem to be leading me in that direction.  I expect one who moves to the level of noticing they are one with everyone and everything has no world view other than noticing what is occurring in the present.Such a person may also  notice that the past is only a present remembrance, and the future is only a present anticipation.  When that way of being is continually done with kindness and compassion, one seems to continually be involved in the process of peacefully arriving even while holding some productive tension. Prior to becoming a Zen Buddhist  a bit over 20 years ago, I would kill woodchucks in my backyard.  Now I simply growl at them when they come to a close to my home.  Were I more fully at peace, I probably would not even growl. Warm and kind regards to everyone.

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