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    On Jul 28, 2012 david doane wrote:

    For me, creative resolution of antagonisms means creatively living in harmony with out planet.  It means treating our planet as our mother, which Mother Earth is.  We come from earth.  We are of the earth, not on the earth; we are part of earth, not apart from earth.  It's crucially important for our survival that we treat our planet with respect and take care of it rather than destroy it.  What we do to earth is what we do to ourselves.  Appreciation of our oneness with earth (and all that is)  would foster appreciation of our oneness with one another, and thus foster peace and harmony among all human beings.  In that sense, earth-human harmony precedes interhuman harmony.  The only personal story I think of is that as my awareness of our oneness with one another and earth has grown, I am much more aware of the ecologically horrendous and insane things we do to our earth and am much more supportive of environmentally friendly efforts.  I believe our existence depends on our creative resolution of human-earth antagonisms, that is, our developing ways to live comfortably and harmoniously with Mother Earth.

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