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    On Jul 13, 2012 Amit wrote:

     So many times I have broken up with ego like our friend John here, but every time I do, I feel insecure and I "miss her" and end up getting back together. And what exactly am I missing? A false sense of security? See the thing is, i've been with my ego for so long that the weight and imprisonment seems normal and makes feel uneasy, not normal, to let it go. That is the power and seduction of ego, it makes you think you need her because without her you are nobody. John hit the nail on the head, we are nobody and that is ok, in fact that is perfect. If we all realize we are just a bunch of no-bodies then we stop identifying with this body, and recognize we are all the same, all one underneath the covers. Its our ego that says, no no, you must be unique. Well ego, you are right, you are as unique as a snowflake...just like all the other snowflakes out there. Ha ha. Good bye Ego. Hope to "i" never have to see You and "I" together again!  

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