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    On Jun 15, 2012 IAMJTSA wrote:

    The trouble with the aery-faery woo-woo esoteric responses (yes, I have done it, too), is this:  While we are in the physical body (if we actually are which is another entire issue), the physical body has its' effects.  A person with organic brain dysfunction or conditions (Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, early and end stage Dementias, Epilepsy and resulting damages, mild traumatic brain injury and diabetic and other neuropathies -- Cannot do these things.  I have read through so many opinions (and yes -- everything we read is just an opinion,  belief, whether codified or not) and there seems to be no real provision for this.  SO... the compassion is one-sided; it comes from the giver to the givee without discrimination, not because you have to, but because you can.  Some CANNOT wake up.  We preach at each other kindness, compassion, understanding... but the people who cannot "wake up" are doing the best they can in a defective physical form, many of their disabilities remaining invisible.  Many are judged very negatively.  Many are scorned or punished in a world that does not understand.  I have such a disability, a genetic condition (CADASIL), which emotionally feels like wearing barbed wire underwear... always irritable, always in pain, always struggling to make it through the day.  My reactions are often of my body, my brain, my nervous system, and not of my MIND which is greater than my body.  My efforts in life?  To allow those who cannot understand have their reaction without allowing it to make my condition worse.  In a way, I hope every being has the opportunity to live through a neuro-degenerative condition.   You think you have the ability to transcend, to overcome?  Try it this way... you'll soon see.  Too much aery-faery woo-woo lacks compassion.  Keep learning, okay?  Because you are really talking to yourself.  I know this.

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    On Mar 22, 2021 Stephanie McClellan wrote:

    IMJTSA It seems to me that you are suggesting that those with disabilities or conditions cannot reach the "awakened" state because of the physical barriers that we carry, but I would suggest that many with physical issues have come to understand even more clearly the inner path to enlightenment because of their challenges in the physical world. It certainly is not a "right or wrong" comment, but it seems too divisiveand too black and white in a grey world.

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