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    On May 27, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Poet Pablo Neurada remins me of a poem written by an anonymus Zen master.
                                         Sitting by the river
                                         Doing nothing,
                                         Spring comes
                                         The grass grows by itself.
    Such words of wisdom have been sign posts in my life, a daily rrminder to count up to twelwe, be in the zone of being, letting go of my busy and often noisy world of doing and having. Such words rmind me to pause, feel and be with my natural rhythm of life giving and life sustaining breath, to count up to twelve, to stay in the being zone. Such words have been my daily prayer washing  away the noise of irritation and agitation, frustration and anger, and fear and anxiety. Such words open up the door for meeting my being without craving and without holding.They create a wide open space  filled with unseen beauty, unheard sound, and unknown strangers. Such words take me to a land of emptiness filled with fullness,a land of formless forms, a land beyond space and time. This is my daily prayer, a meditative prayer creating birth of joy, awe, joy, fiufillment  and gratitudein in my daily living.

    May we take time out to count up to twelve everyday to be connected with our being!

    Jagdish P. Dave

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