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    On May 25, 2018 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

     Perfect timing, thank you. Do nothing means to stop and sit and be. I am in this exact position today as I take a break from what can be a "go getter" "overachiever" energy in Washington DC. I sit here alone at my friends' home in the Catskills, trees surround the house which sits near the Hudson River. I look out into trees, eye level with them. I have had the gift of 2 full nights and days alone here before everyone else arrives and i am grateful. I am literally moving through sadness, in a depressive episode which has been quite intense. "Moving through" has been mostly a saving grace as in "this too shall pass." At the same time, I wish to sit and be qiet to allow myself to heal, my mind to still and my body to do so as well. I slept until 10am with no apology. Today I had planned on visiting a Victorian mansion, the home of an artist, but instead, perhaps I will only walk to the river, sit on a bench and breathe. It is OK to simply breathe rather than constant movement. Reconciling "keep moving on" with "critique of single-mindedness" I think is to know the difference of when to STOP moving, to simply be and breathe. I remember being caught in a dust storm at Burning Man and I set my bike down, turned on the lights, pulled my bandana over my nose and mouth, pulled goggles over my eyes, closed my eyes and simply let the dust swirl around me, It was like a mystical massage. When the storm was over, I slowly rose, lifted my bike and slowly pedaled back to my camp over 2 miles away. I listened for voices that were familiar and I moved when it was safe to do so. Perhaps this story better reflects. <3 Thank you for allowing me the space to share. <3 

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    On May 26, 2018 🌷 wrote:

     Thank you for allowing us into your story Kristin!  You are blessed!

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    On Jun 1, 2019 Usha wrote:

    Just read ur post..... I ve just returned home from a pilgrimage to haridwar and badrinath, India... I am an Indian, from New Delhi...... U must come to India and see how sadhus here live a life of stillness and peace.... My grandmother used to keep silence twice a montn- maun vrat........daily meditation is a way of life here...... Wish u all the best... Om shanti.!

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