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    On May 8, 2012 Daryl wrote:

     What we think we believe is often different from what we have internalized as our working view. An easy way to self-check how we see the universe is to inquire as to whether we would really like to escape or "get out of here" through some element of our religious view. The Judeo-Christian mindset is quite strongly escapist -- and most of the world has been deeply influenced by this perspective. I suspect that if I truly believe the universe is friendly, or even neutral, then my intent will be to more and more fully interact with such an environment. If it is not friendly, then hell yes! Let me get out of Dodge any way I can and the sooner the better!

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    On Mar 4, 2016 Bryan Brabham wrote:

     The universe must be very friendly to human life, else all life would perish.  In fact, the universe is uniquely constructed, not only for life, but also for the evolution of life.  As we learn and grow, newer aspects of our fundamental findings, beliefs, reasoning, hopes aspirations and thought will be forthcoming.  For such choices as we have from the universe, what else could we reasonably want.  But the universe sets against the free gift of life and consciousness, the strict rule that we must strive and learn and seek understanding.  So if we are not learners and seekers we will become lost in the vast landscape that we call the universe.  I do not feel that this (getting lost in the universe) is the plan of the creator.  Life is a gift in that, through life, we gain an impression of the mind of GOD through his greatest creation, the universe.  For God could have always created a Universe, but to have crreated a universe with intelligent beings to become in it, gave god feedback on his greatest effort.

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