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    On May 8, 2012 Chris wrote:

    The universe is an infinite flow of creative energy that changes forms as it's usefulness diminishes or the actions of other energy around it changes it's form as it is connected to all other types of energy.  Almost like a giant recycle bin.  As humans, we have the choice of how we want to co-create with the energy that is present now.  The amount of inner awareness of this universal energy and the principles that seem to guide it, allow the human energy force a unique opportunity to observe the difference between reality and illusion, and subsequently love and fear.  As we as humans surrender to the fact that we do not control the workings of the creative universe, a sense of humility is realized and wonder that surrounds the love of what is.  It is what motivates us , excites and fascinates us.  It makes violence, hatred and fear seam so useless in comparison.  It is time to move on or change our form, which ever the universe rolls with. 

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    On Jul 1, 2014 HEENA wrote:

     your response is in keeping with the philosophy of "ADVAITA" non-dualism . it states that it is this " energy which flows through us and leads us rather than we leading life. this is truly humbling and encouraging . it puts all of lifes mighty questions to rest. this philosophy goes back a thousand years and is described in all of the upanishads; the geeta; and ofcourse the most recent living sagee " ramana maharishi";  nisaragadatta maharaj;.

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    On Jul 1, 2014 Michael Bogar wrote:

     It seems to me as though we are not forced to choose been duality and non-duality. The fact that people debate the two issues proves the existence, in some form, of a duality. The fact that we can conceive of the opposites being reconciled appears to prove that it is all one. Quantum physics suggests that somehow light is both particle and wave--a single form manifesting in two ways. The human soul-making endeavor requires both duality and non-duality. The reality behind this reality likely includes both perspectives, and is constructed of ideas that we are currently incapable of perceiving except by the imagination.

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