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    On May 6, 2012 David Doane wrote:

    For me, the universe is friendly.  That doesn't mean it is all nice, all peaches and cream.  The universe is like the weather, like any person, like the unconscious, like me -- warm, cold, peaceful, sunny, violent, destructive, changing, full of surprises -- it is a mixed bag of all that is.  That's its nature.  It's free, uncontrolled.  It is bigger than me.  It's powerful.  I am part of it.  What's mine is to go with it, be responsive to it, work with it, appreciate it, enjoy it, respect it, learn from it.  In that frame, it is friendly.   It is me.  I am an expression of it.  To fight it is to fight me, and is to lose.  To realize I am part of it and work with it is to realize it is friendly, and grow.  As for randomness, I believe that all that is is interconnected -- the interconnectedness and intereffecting of all that is is beyond my ability to see, but I believe it is.  Random for me means no interconnectedness, means irrelevant incongruent happenings, and I don't believe that is the case.  I guess God does not play dice with the universe was Einstein's way of saying that the roll of the dice is random and that is not how the universe is or how God operates.  But the metaphor is faulty in that the way the dice land is the result of innumerable interrelated and interconnected factors, and thus not random (even if it looks that way).     

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