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    On May 1, 2012 Ricky wrote:

    When we take the time to become aware of our personal samskaras (habits, ruts) in our thinking patterns, when we quiet ourselves to allow thoughts to arise and flow and tune in deeply to the physiological responses, and when we humble our ego (little s self) to share with others our struggles concerning ‘knowing’ the difference between ego manifestation of a 'problem' and our need to fix it, and the bigger picture awareness of the infinite having a finite experience, we will more readily recognize the 'reaction' to someone or something and the 'response'.

    Discernment is an important concept here. Just 'who' is thinking and reacting, or responding?  In this technology driven evolutionary age dealing with processing enormous amounts of bits of data information and constant inundation of trivia and major events of news and someone else’s interpretation of these, we are mired down by the sheer weight of what to do about it, and then we can only react based on how we were culturally conditioned.

    Imagine years ago as the history of our human experience unfolded by dualistic struggles, and the stories and legends and myths about this happened, and then that happened in retaliation, and then this happened in righteous indignation, and so on...there continue to exist in this present day even cultures on this beautiful planet whose language has no word for war.  This is profound to me, and always immediately halts my cyclical thinking.  We can change!

    On a personal note, just this weekend I spent time in a workshop with a student of Adyashanti's. The irony of this statement is not lost on me at all, and the serendipitous nature of this would not be lost on you, dear reader, either, if you knew where I live and under what circumstances this workshop took place. This student of Adyashanti’s teachings through meditation practice are profound in recognizing self talk, and includes discerning toward allowing and listening to the thoughts ebb and flow without manipulating them  At this moment in time this practice allows me to gift to you the recognition of Oneness with all that is in existence by arms outstretched before me from my heart and palms up, head bowed.  Dualistic thoughts (good versus evil, black versus white, love versus hate, peace versus war) arise from an implication and conditioned indoctrination of significant division and separateness based on superficial manifestations of ego truth.  This way of witnessing our existence seems at odds with the teachings of the universe about interconnectedness, wholeness, and even the story of Indra’s net of existence-a teaching that when one tugs on this infinite exquisitely bejeweled series of threads by an action significantly affects every other intersection, where another blessed being resides.  We do not exist in isolation. 

    I have heard it said that your actions are your karma and my reactions are my karma.  I choose calm response.

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