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    On Apr 25, 2012 Sidharta wrote:

    WONDER - FULL is this EMPTINESS, LOVE -FULL is this EMPTINESS, BLISS - FULL is this EMPTINESS......when i started to look where each thought is arising from ? instead of being overly interested in the content of thought , a whole other state of BEINGNESS unfolded.....also BEING comfortable with this HUMAN NATURE of a HUMAN BEING of NO - THOUGHT and because of this being able to WELCOME WHAT IS in a broad sense of what life is presenting us with. life becomes very simple, because what really matters is being fully in touch with each PRESENT MOMENT in its PRESENT MOMENT costume.....good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant.....all the different oppositional feelings, sensations, thoughts of body/mind take a bath, a dance in the spaciousness of a silent, empty mind and transform themselves from thought - form, feeling - form, sense - empty - form.....SAT- CHIT- ANAND....EXISTENCE- CONSCIOUSNESS- BLISS,  our true human beingness.........especially in this wonderfull dance of spring. how much delight is gifted to us by mother earth to celebrate life in this very MOMENT......each breath, each step, each zip of tea....... at a time.......aaaaaaahhhhhmmmmmmm....purrr...purrr....purrr........

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