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    On Apr 3, 2012 Riddhi wrote:

     This  passage took me back to my dissertation period where my hypothesis -'relative truth' of the proposed project was different from its result 'absolute truth'. Throughout the process, inspite of all the knowledge my guide had and wisdom already available from past research, i used to be open enough that the results would be quite different from what we had expected. Also, since the fungi species I worked on had undergone a lot of mutation since the landfill site from which i picked my sample was heavily polluted. In the same manner,every human  throughout their life undergoes unique experiences and are nurtured in unique environments. So the truth they perceive would be different and relative from which others perceive. And each one seeking the absolute truth should hold to the relative truth, as Gandhiji said ' But as long as I have not realized the Absolute Truth, so long must I hold by the relative truth as I have  concieved it'

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