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    On Mar 31, 2012 Conrad P. Prtscher wrote:

     Thanks Somik for the opportunity to respond.  About the right path, about whether our vision is genuine or misguided, about how we see the real hiding in the unreal, I don't know. I seem to have had experiences where committed inquiry has led to deep realizations about myself.  The deep realization is," I don't know."  Frank says: "In science there is a right answer." The answer is only right tell a better one comes along. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and Kurt Gödel's incompleteness theorem coupled with Miguel Nicolelis's uncertainty principle in neuroscience lead uto Keats's thought when he said we should make up our minds about nothing.  Continuing  openness and continuing inquiry is a key to awareness, and awareness is the key to peaceful living and rewarding science.  The effort we expend helps lead us, paradoxically, to an effortless state.

    As Nobel laureate Richard Feynman said in Value of Science: “What, then, is the meaning of it all?  What can we say to dispel the mystery of experience? If we take everything into account, not only what the ancients knew, but all of what we know today that they didn't know, then I think that we must frankly admit that we do not know. But in admitting this, we have probably found the open channel.” 

    Warm and kind regards to everyone.

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