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    On Mar 10, 2012 MomentofLearning wrote:

    I used to have arguments with peopl when I felt they were not following what is correct and value-oriented. This was a common ground for my being angry and expressing it too on few people. This was common at work or when I had to deal with people in society as nowadays people in a highly competitive India are ready to forego values and honesty for getting money or success.
    I joined a company where the manager was speaking lies, playing politics and making wrong use of power to  get success and prevent me from establising myself.
    I got angry and escalated. I was tense all the time to prevent any wrong from happenign against me and fighting , complaining in company.
    One day, when senior manager listened to me, I just happened to realise that I am talking against a person who has taken pains and somehow made a career. I know he is using wrong means to be successful but somewhere I have lost love for him as a fellow human. I could see that in his struggle to save his position he was going against me all the more. In those moments I wrote an email where I accepted having made mistakes too. This gave him an upper hand in the case. He continued to go against me and I had to find another job for myself.
    It was a tough time but I knew that I did it out of love for another being as a person inspite of all mistakes.
    After that I have been able to see the human angle in others decisions and position, have been able to look at them with love and allow them to choose their values for their own life. I do still try to encourage people to follow good ethics but by setting an example and by love. It works in its own ways and sometimes much more than an aggressive attitude did. It leaves me and others at peace.
    It happened because of that one moment when I realised that I cannot drive any wrong against another person and put him and his family in problems inspite of he not following the moral values I consider as correct. An eye-opener and a war-stopper :) 

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