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    On Feb 24, 2012 Ricky wrote:

    When I conditionally love on the plane of ego existence, there is sorrow, disbelief, loneliness, grief.  When I get a glimpse of Love on the expansive universal plane of Indra's net, there is calming bliss.  When steeped in expectations from the fruits of my actions, I am miserable with anticipation and stuck outside santosha, contentment.  When actively practicing setting the fruits of my actions free without grasping onto results, aparigraha, through the expression of my chosen work, I am open, approachable, softened, peaceful, love-filled.  A paraphrased passage in the Bible speaks about not being of the world with all it's trappings.  Right now is exactly when I want to be, steeped in the world, to share experiences with other blessed beings within this finite snapshot of existence.  Love without expectation brings pure joy, and that joy set free to share with another...the continuous ride upon the mobius strip.    

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