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    On Feb 23, 2012 manyam wrote:

    Can you give love without receiving it? The conventional wisdom in India from the ages of Bhagavadgita has been that suffering and disappointment comes from expectations. Expect nothing in return and you are truly freed and you are peaceful as a monk. There is deep truth in that but when it comes to love can be it stil true? Would we be able to give love without ever receiving in return. Wouldn't expecting something in return be the catalyst for giving more of it? Would you even know what giving love is when you don't expect to receive it or how to receive it?

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    On Oct 28, 2013 Devaraj wrote:

    you are only asked to 'be without expectation'. You are not asked to reject when genuine love is bestowed on you.There is a difference between these two.
    basically, you are asked to not waste your energies in 'expectation, disappointment cycle' .If you give without expectation, there is no worry , no wastage.And so, you are always open and spot free to give and receive love

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