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    On Feb 11, 2012 Derek wrote:

    This excerpt from Charlie Chaplin's movie "The Dictator" is so relevant to our time. The movie parallels an era when the U.S. was in peaceful terms with Nazi Germany. Charlie could read the writing on the wall. 

    Speaking of wall... Do you find a similarity here with the movement "Occupy Wall Street"? We are also in a time where humanity is undergoing positive change. Our awareness of what surrounds us and compassion for humanity is coming to the forefront. Just as the development of radio communication and air transportation hit the early 20th century, we now have the Internet that is bringing us all closer together as a community. Look at the Middle East as an example. 

    As long as we all we stay connected with each other, keep the lines of communication flowing, we will have a better understanding that we are all one. That we all want the same thing. That we all have the Divine within us. That harming our brother or sister is as harming ourselves. From this, compassion flows and we begin to live our lives with love. 


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