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    On Jan 31, 2012 Edit Lak wrote:

     Hmm, Yeah – I get that we only see what we want to see,  but to see beyond the eyes of what we believe - is seeing.. Hmm, actually, I do this with reading, many times I read what I want to read, only to get letter returned, or an unexpected reply to please explain. then I read the piece that I was originally reading, only to realise, I have totally got the first readings wrong,  So, saying that, – I’m still not seeing  ;-)  hehehehe ...Ahh, we can only but try, as it doesn’t matter how calm, awakened, educated, spiritual we tend to think we are, we are only seeing what we are capable of seein at any given time, because that is what we are only  prepared to sacrifice in uor seeing, in opening up to the new  ‘reality’ 

    I suppose I have experience seeing real vision though, and it wasn’t through meditation or relaxing, or chanting or nothing really. It was driving a car, pulling up to the lights, stopping and looking across the road to a mother walking with her young son holding hands, they stopped at the traffic lights, the young boy pulled his mother’s hand up and kisses it, the mother looked down at her son and then kissed ther sons head.. I smiled like the universe had just opened up, I didn’t hear any noise at all in a busy street,  But I felt bliss, peace and love...   I saw the love through others pure actions and that set something of in me..

    Yeah, this paragraph is deep..It basically asks us to remove a mask of self-fear, and 'see' without that cover .. Hmm, I have seen many spiritualist say for many years that this is all an illusion, and we can overcome most things by looking inside, the outside is not real and it has no purpose or cause, yet we live the purpose and cause everyday - as we choose to push it away – So that must in itself have an deep impact and effect on one’s self seeing over a period of time..

    Anyway, it’s an interesting piece of work,  One that opens the mind to much ponderings !!!!

    Interestingly Thanks

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