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    On Jan 25, 2012 Thierry wrote:

    I am not an expert on J.Krishnamurti but I wish to draw the attention to the fact that this great teacher gives unexpected meaning to words which have become somewhat too familiar with us. Thus some foreseeable reactions on this forum.  
    For instance, the author would rather use the term 'self- knowing' to indicate that learning about oneself is not an accumulative process. The term Self Knowledge implies one has accumulated knowledge about oneself and tends to act from that  psychologically acquired knowledge, from something past. To be self-knowing is an ongoing process where one is learning about oneself, in the present, through the mirror of  relationships. The stress is on instant attention, perceptiveness. Contrary to analysis it does not involve psychological remembrance, time. Action, then, is not being dictated by memory alone. To be self-knowing is to be passively aware of the interference of the past so that one's response to the situation at hand can be new, fresh and truly adequate.
    In a similar way,J.K.often gives a fresh connotation to some rather 'worn  out' good old words. When using the expression 'religious mind' he refers to a mind intimately and limitlessly connected with all life, knowing no division of any sort. Quite the opposite of what we associate with the word 'religious'. When using the word 'compassion' the stress is on passion while the meaning is: passion for all. 'Right action' is one of those expressions whose meaning one may have to re-discover. 

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    On Mar 1, 2021 sharnita chilukuri wrote:

    I really loved reading your reflection. It made a lot of sense to me !

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