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    On Jan 24, 2012 Nina wrote:

    I totally dislike the tone of this piece. Who is he to say that the person with the question was doing it with the "wrong" intention, without self-knowledge? And why would social work become empty from having schools who teach it? I praise this development, the institutionalization symbolizes the appreciation (although it's still under-appreciated in my opinion) of social work and professionalizes it. Is there really social work that creates misery? I don't believe so! Where did he get this idea? I have never seen any one doing a social job just because others told him/her so or to escape... There are easier ways to escape. That I haven't seen it doesn't mean it doesn't happen at all, but must be very rare, so why to focus on this?? What kind of answer is that to the question? He could have left out the negativity of this speech and simply say the he/she should first inquire what his/her intentions are and that self-knowledge will contribute to her social work. Also, I don't like it at all that you should be "religious" what ever broad interpretation he may have for it. As an atheist I'm also a good social worker...has nothing to do with religion!

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