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    On Jan 17, 2012 jpsingh wrote:

    this is an age old is a bundle of desires.the desires need to be fulfilled.they are part of his whole existence.his very is made up of air ,water and soil.the entire physical existence is about the play of these three elements and some junk.the mind is like a horse in a cart sometimes he drives the cart and sometimes cart drives him.mind does not  want to miss on anything. but he has something we call spirit which is equally part of the mind but sometimes both owns and disowns watches the mind.and tries to guide it keeping in mind the long term interest of ones body in general and ones life as a whole.the physical elements and the abstract spirit is constantly in a tug of war.the physical elements hijack the body .one knows that all physical pleasures come out of movement of these gross blood air pushes , water moves causing sensations . after we succumb to these pleasures their is a sense of relief.the lust for sex,wealth,power,recognition,appreciation,fame are all part of the common urge.unless these so called lust is satisfied the mind will not get any peace or quiet.hense it is necessary to satisfy these lusts to be free of them.none knows since how many times we have been recycled .each time born has only constantly pray and strive to be born in a better and a more enlightened state . so that his desires give way to holy aspirations.their is a pull from elements . their is a pull from the spirit .the elements want to limit him to his physical plane and the spirit wants to make him from the limitations of his self and make him universal.their is a whole chain of liberated souls called qutbs which which like shepherds pick and choose the spirits which have become mature and put them to different tasks which are quite ennobling.they distract the mind from the pursuit of limited  physical becomes larger then himself.he experiences a pleasure which has no parallel.once it is experienced no desire is left in that persons only knows about this experience in theory .but it when  experienced no theory will be needed. to get this condition no effort is needed.from being effortless the grace comes and with it spontaineity .only qutb makes one effortless. one must in ones normal condition wheresoever he is placed do selfless service.  in our daily life if we exhaust our physical body doing selfless service , no energy will be left for any negative activity.the satisfaction one will get by doing selfless service will help one gradually come out of ones vicious circle of desires.the task is not an easy one. without love and grace of a qutb nothing will ever in the end has to realize that he is nobody. he is not the doer. the doer is the qutb.submit to him. pray to him.he will send his pully which alone will be able to draw us out of the vicious dark well of desires in which we can do nothing but sink and get drowned. 



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