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    On Apr 28, 2018 david doane wrote:

     Martin Luther King advocated nonviolence.  Speaking truth doesn't mean violence or even anger.  We can object and speak truth nonviolently.  The Buddha didn't face the reality of suffering -- he faced the reality of pain.  The point isn't to end suffering; the point is to end suffering that is ineffective and creates unnecessary pain.  He learned, possibly precipitated by the milkmaid, how to suffer pain efficiently, in a way that is in harmony with life rather than fighting life.  We never know anything for sure.  We definitely can do the best with what we have --  we can do right action.  Dropping out is action, it's not doing nothing.  Dropping out can mean accepting one's truth, not accepting the given story.  I have dropped out of the company line and dropped into my line, and found my peace.  Life is made of opposites or dialectics, such as life and death, individuality and belonging, right brain and left brain, role and personhood, and an important part of my truth is finding balance in the dialectics, not by rule but by discovery.

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