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    On Jan 6, 2012 Edit Lak wrote:

    Okay.. Interesting.. “To transform oneself is the contribution to transforming the world”?.. For me this entire passage is a mystery, not only in words so much, even-though it does play on words, but more-so of the conceptual  understandings .. Every paragraph is a debate waiting to happen... 

    Okay, so let’s go with it.. I would think  to cultivate conviction is to plant ‘hope’ and from that being of hope comes the conviction of ‘self’ as to the growing of self, and that bloom of self, the true-self just does  and does so naturally because it genuinely wants to, without any prodding or questions needed.. The true-self ‘real spirit’ just does, it doesn’t need to be a part of a fold to be accepted, because it already is accepted by own self, that’s the comfort...  So to cultivate anything ‘healthy’ and real - is to grow self first.. One would think!!!..  Self has no master, it doesn’t need it as self is endless in growing and doing and doesn’t need to be told...

    Hmmm, Life, wow..As I get older and work through my own ignorance’s, my own egoness, my own illnesses, these are the things that partly unfolding some mysteries, through that and the interconnection to other people.  I ‘hope’ I am becoming my true self, as I shed my skin that I don’t buy into any political arena’s, just for the sake of it, other than wanting the greater good of all. I don’t just accept something because someone pretty or handsome has said it, because I want the better good for all,  I don’t  just accept some so called wise words because it was said, because I want the better good for all in ‘life’ . But one thing I do know is when the mystery is solved, everyone will have the better/greater good for all..  Until then, I will just keep on trying and trying to ‘be’ what I can be, and help, and if I fail at things then I’ll just keep on trying some more .. That is the dimensions of my past and future contemplations – to just try and be me -faults and all.... 

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