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    On Apr 27, 2018 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

     I needed this so very much today, thank you for the perfect reading and reflection. I currently live in Washington DC which given the current political administration is incredibly challenging. Nearly everyone I know is deep in their activism to the point of exhaustion, constantly claiming, "we cannot stop, we cannot rest, we must resist." I am observing them (and myself who chose to sit in compassion for all sides and honestly, that space can come with exhaustion too) I see how so many of the people I care about are sick and tired and need a break. My own Depression returned 2 weeks ago and is the deepest I've felt in quite a while. It was my mind and body reminding me to take a break, to "drop out like Buddha" and to self-care, reflect, sleep, go for walks, and sit in quiet. It was also a reminder to reach out to others for support rather than so often being the source of support. I am moving through one day, sometimes one hour at a time, seeking to be gentle with myself and seeking to return to center. Cultivating balance is a process and for those of us who are "recovering overachievers" or living in a society/culture where "crazy busy" is worn like a badge it can be an even bigger challenge because of judgment from others. What also helps me are habits like Awakin's readings and meditation, Daily Good which is how I start every day, taking time to simply be and breathe and when the darkness comes, to know the light returns and it is more than OK, it is Necessary to drop out like Buddha in order to be of service for anyone and to be healthy for myself. <3 Thank you again for exactly what I needed today. <3 

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