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    On Jan 3, 2012 Edit Lak wrote:

    What a lovely story and a wonderful way of looking at a horrendous events in life’s history, and seeing a positive fruitful outcome from a near tragedy.  Mlodinovs father was a true leader of ‘will’ and a visionary of randomness..    Destiny... Does destiny have a ‘Will?’..  

    So how do you cultivate equanimity?   After reading, this passage and reflecting on my life and the occurring situations that have lead me to where I am now.. I would think ‘Our Own Truth’

    Taking responsibility for the truth of our actions, and accepting the actions of others, leads us to the place of ‘optimism’ and from there we have a choice to ‘tame the beast inside’ to nurture and release the love , acceptance of self to the world and universe, or, to be blinded by ignorance..  To see these jigsaw pieces of our destiny unfold is equanimity. Is that composure calmness, stillness, tranquillity the key to ‘Self Destiny’.... I’m thinking of this and say – Yes; Because just for me, the more stuff I learn, accept about me , the more comfortable I become with ‘me’  and as I remove my imaginary layers of ‘ whatever’ shields me.. I realise and come to the point of its all ‘okay’ everyone that has come into my life has had a vital role, once I see that and accept it, then I sigh a ‘ohhh’ I get it.. ....  And it’s true.. Every self pain, has an outcome, and Its how we nurture that pain that grows ‘Us’

    Well,  I’ll forever be the self farmer, cause it takes much love and patience to have a field of healthy equanimity and randomness   :-)  But the crop, when it comes, will be all worth it!!!!!!!

    In reflection and thought



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